Enjoy a variety of sex positions with Gurgaon escorts from Delhi Escorts Babylon

An ancient Indian classic called the Kama Sutra discusses several facets of sexual interactions, such as positions, strategies, and guidance to experience a joyful intimate life. Customers may also obtain the greatest references from this Indian scripture to enjoy with Gurgaon escorts as well. It’s crucial to remember that, while the Kama Sutra is simply one of many ancient writings that explain how to have a good sexual life, contemporary views on sexuality have considerably changed throughout the course of history.

we are going to explain briefly how our customers can enjoy themselves to the fullest by hiring an escort service in Gurgaon while using the traditional Kama Sutra positions. Customers should keep in mind that comfort and mutual consent are the most crucial factors in getting sexual satisfaction from Delhi Escorts Babylon’s Gurgaon escort services.

Padmasana or The Lotus Position with female escorts in Gurgaon

Both partners sit cross-legged while facing one another in this position. Our valued client and our call girls in Gurgaon would sit with their legs crossed while facing one another. In this position, both the customer and our female escorts in Gurgaon will experience encouraged intimacy and eye contact while taking part in penetration activities.

Enjoy Gowmukha or the Cow Position with escorts service in Gurgaon

In this posture, the woman is on her hands and knees as the man approaches from behind and inserts his penis (reproductive organ) within the lady’s pussy. If the client desires it, our Gurgaon call girl will always be willing to try new, sensual things. This position is the most popular one among men worldwide; the majority of them refer to it as the “doggy-style sex position.” The most crucial factors for experiencing great pleasure with any hired escort are mutual consent and comfort, which our customers should never forget while having fun with our escorts service in Gurgaon.

The Indrani Position to be tried with call girls in Gurgaon

Our customer will need to instruct our seductive woman to lie on her back with her legs apart in order to enjoy the kama posture mentioned in the Kamasutra. The male customer then enters the room while holding himself up with his hands and kneeling between her legs. The Indrani position, as described in Kama, can be enjoyed in this way by our customers to gain the most delight possible from the call girls in Gurgaon.

Do The Suspended Congress (Aerial) with Gurgaon Escorts

Both the customer and the call Girls in Gurgaon, who are participating in personal activities and seeking to acquire as much pleasure as possible, should have good strength and flexibility skills in this posture. The Gurgaon escorts must make a knot of their legs by wrapping their legs around the client’s back and the weight of female escorts in Gurgaon will be bear by the male all alone. Indeed it is a tricky one to try out but as described in the historical manuscripts, it will provide immense pleasure to both the partners in bed.

Vrikshadhirudhaka, the Splitting Bamboo position

Call Girl in Gurgaon must sit on a flat platform with their legs spread wide while doing this posture in practice with their customer. To enjoy the intercourse, the customer must enter from the front. This position enables the customer to penetrate deeper while maintaining direct eye contact to observe when and how much the female escorts in Gurgaon are enjoying the penetration of your shaft in this position.

Let her be The Tigress (Vyaghranaka) and act like her Tiger

Gurgaon escorts should rest on their stomachs with their legs slightly apart in order to enjoy this position. The customer will approach the call girls in Gurgaon from an angle of roughly 45° to 60° on the back side. To provide the finest services while in this posture, the escort must be able to support some of the customer’s weight since the customer will be placing pressure on her back. Due to the intense and arousing friction of the penis inside them, the Gurgaon escorts would likewise appreciate the position as much as the customer would. This posture will bring both partners to the pinnacle of sensual pleasure.


Being the best and most renowned escort agency in the entire National Capital Region, Delhi Escorts Babylon only hires the best female escorts who can take our clients to the highest points of sensual pleasure with the skills and knowledge they possess. For the benefit of our clients’ delight, our Gurgaon call girls never back down from trying new things as long as doing so doesn’t cause any harm to attractive and beautiful women to withdraw. Whether they come from the inventory of the modern adult industry or the old Kama Sutra, they enjoy trying out new sex positions that the client wants to attempt. Since more than a decade ago, our company has served the guaranteed best escorts service in Gurgaon. Book the best of the call girls available in different categories from our escort agency and get satisfaction for sure.

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